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As a reminder, sellers and buyers acts on their personal capacity and as such, any transaction and (illegal activities)-Strictly prohibited. That may arise from engaging the ads services on this website, “will not be responsible for any of it”. is here to serve as portal website to advertisers and only on that basis. Any false announcements or ads that may appear to contain false information will be is not liable in any it but buyers and sellers are only responsible. But your IP address is being monitored in our system. We therefore encourage people to inform us of such scams. Please take note that all activities made by users will never covered or responsible.

Report Ads or Advertisers by email to report to admin, if you think they violate some rules or malicious adds. and statutes under the laws and regulations in the Philippine legal jurisdiction. Your feedback will also be appreciated on all of your deals.


Rules and regulations


-we prohibit posting of illegal goods, software, businesses, establishments etc. Please read our human rights page 3324324324 etc.

-we prohibit posting wrong information on your ads and profile.

-we prohibit give your account to anybody but yours

-we prohibit use our website without ads or just for chatting or sending message to someone unethical words.

-we prohibit using bad words but be professional at all times especially when you posting negative feedback.

-we prohibit use of our website just for copying other user’s product, logos etc. without permission to the owner.

-we prohibit using our website to post multiple negative/positive feedback and comments to any users especially if no adds and no transaction between.

 -free sign up and post ads to our website: we don’t know all your advertising. are not responsible or even liable any of your adds and transaction both of buyer and seller any related of it.


-always keep in your mind that every post on your add are correct and legal.

  -always make real your real name and information on your profile

  -always be professional when chatting or sending messages to everyone.

  -always be honest when posting positive and negative feedback.

  -always use your real name or company name, logos, information’s to be appear like.


Privacy Policy

The team is dedicated to share values and enhance technologically-inclined individuals and IT groups in the Philippines and all over the whole world. and all its  members, users, clients, customers, and partners are bounded by the following privacy policies.

  1. Understand what you are signing for. is an online classified ads website and social community for technology enthusiasts who are looking at buying, selling, or trading gadgets and devices. Once you signed up on the website, you agree to its terms and conditions.
  2. will change its features from time to time, especially according to our members requests and necessities . We want every user satisfied with our website's services, features, and rules. Changes may occur with or without notification to our members.
  3. Our system monitors users' logs and activities to ensure that proper governance and implementation of rules occur. We ensure that all your information will be kep safe and secure. We use SSL and other security knowledge to secure our database including our users' information such as name, email, and contact numbers.
  4. Our system that stores users' logs and information is strictly confidential and shall not be shared to anyone in any way. We guarantee that we will never use your information for any unthetical activity and/or sell them to any third party.
  5. is not responsible for any maliciuos or suspicious change in your account. Users are expected to protect and secure their own accounts, profiles, and advertisements.



Deletion / Disabling / Reactivation of Account

Deletion of Account 

  1. If we notice and receive reports about your account that you violate our rules, we will immediately delete your account. Read
  2. If we receive the same complain again, we will immediately ban your account and IP/ISP, and never allow you to sign up to our website. Read


Disabling of Account

  1. If we notice that you are violationg any or all our prohibitions (Rules on Don'ts), we will immidiately disable your account. Read

Reactivation of Account

  1. Provide us your reason for the reactivation of your account. If you can prove that you are not violationg any of the website's rules and regulations, feel free to contact. is always here to support and listen to our users.

More about Deletion, Disabling, and Reactivation of Account

  1. You may deactivate your account anytime without reporting to the admin. Users or account owners are responsible of what they do to their account. will not delete any account except if it is violating any of the website's rules.
  2. Once your account has been deleted by the admin, you can no longer use the same email address in signing up. Otherwise, we will ban your IP/ISP.



Posting Feedback

Posting Positive Feedback

  1. We require that all users mention the details of the transaction when posting feedback.
  2. Only one feedback per transaction or advertisement will be allowed from the same user.

Posting Negative Feedback

  1. We require that all users mention the details of the transaction when posting feedback.
  2. Avoid using bad, foul, or abusive language. Post feedback in a decent and professional way.
  3. Violating the above-mentioned rule will cause your account to be disabled.

Requesting Deletion of Negative Feedback

  1. Users without positive feedback are less likely to request removal of negative feedback from the users with more than 100 positive feedback except it is strong error or mistake.
  2. Users with 3 or more strong negative feedback are less likely to process deletion of negative feedback unless its not strong enough.
  3. Users with many positive feedback are still qualified to receive negative feedback once they commit transaction error or mistake..

Other Details  about Negative Feedback

  1. We strictly prohibit posting of negative feedback without any transaction that transpires. Posting of negative feedback to bully and rip the reputation of another user is also strictly prohibited.
  2. A negative feedback without valid reason is subject to validation by the moderator. The victimized party can simply process complain regarding the cancellation of negative feedback and we will get back to you within 72 hours.
  3. A negative feedback with vague or unclear explanation is also subject to validation. We respect every right of advertisers, especially the premium users, but the website still abides by its rules.
  4. does not tolerate abusive members only because they have big accounts or they are popular.


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